Can we

what is art and can we change
the world with paint on boards or words
in forms not understood by others
look then say what is the point

just walk away like what we are
and what we want too far too high a way
of music paint for others not for us
why hear why see the answer is that’s why

that hearts touch hearts
through silent word
deliver in all forms
to let for others not for us become
the yes for you and all

how garbled we begin our joys
drip splodged in word and off-key fright
we paint we write and looking up
see then our own creative light
in joy leap forth to say me too

so have we do we change the world
in forms of art I’d say we do
as heart by heart unblocks and thaws
their own expressive love comes forth
each heart in it’s own form

and one more smile of always was
then adds to light the darkness of
when you are good enough

life triumph

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let me take you into time
make windows of blank walls
here is our celebration
our play our welcome
through archways watch us board
we feel your love with us as we go
our dreams sail
in concord

in these small places

with each nook
or corner turned
smile to see
how love spills forth
in overflow
that lights the eye
small treasures there
with biggest hearts
call forth do take us
to your home
watch us flourish
in your kindly hands
with each nook
or corner turned
bring love abound
and peace to care
in these small
too oft’ forgotten
places of your world

what speaks to the heart that asks

feel my joy
with me flow
watch content
and to adventure go

and looking higher
a silent gull so still
I watch

hear his heart say

you can always fly


who stands and weathers words,
masthead to the vasing winds,

rain wash cast to mineral’s praise,
unsodden thrown its bridled hand,

this onslaught shawled,
silence its enrocked foundation

waits then to sunkiss’t welcome,
peace, this gift they rest on

whisper don’t confuse


whisper don’t confuse
responses we will give to you
when we cover up the pain
each time you say
that we don’t even look
that we don’t even care
about you
or see the world in pain
there’s no day
that pass

which mask can I wear
to shut this well enough inside
tears I will so gladly hide
each time you say
that we don’t even hear
that we don’t even stay
just walk away
yet farther from your gaze
there’s no day
that pass

whisper don’t confuse
the way we greet each morning light
our armour never did shine bright
enough for some
you say that we don’t know
you say that we don’t come
just turn away
yet look again we pray
there’s no day
that pass

our hearts are there
our hearts are always there

again is our ever

when the world frays
what steps can we climb
to reach our hearts again

walk on, life this path
stops time, wait a while,
and then we come

like a sunburst from above
the unexpected breaks our shell
birthed whole again

we breathe
again our ever
this earth, come home

autumn’s August

I feel autumn’s August
in the setting sun before me
strong beneath my feet this earth
comforts from the enfolding air
autumn speaks in her own words

I am glad to feel her presence
welcomed wise this understanding
tinged in sadness comes her call
I feel her longing twined with love
autumn, ancient mother to us all

who can but love these cycles
in blessed turn each yeartime meet
we give, adjusting to her ways
and of the three in one we know
autumn sage with you, we walk on….

walking with life

I write with hot toes
what the wind worried into sand
words once hid by rocks

startled to reappear
air plays in long forgotten sound
feathered with kind eyes

feet know compassion
teach in freedom understand
their own way speak life

and I listen with heart
time unbends with each shored wave
warm smiles like flowers

uncurl ears unafraid
touched by sun that never burns
but forever lives

like a love that tracks
through shadows to find its mate
never giving up

infinite of reach
to each whispered ululate
unbound this peace

we step through to find
blessed this gift awake in time
life become soul mate

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time pictures

hey little friend
what shall I say
of you while some afraid
and back away call out ugly
choose they only
to ignore
yet others know
your value care
enough to show
your likeness true
in tiny tile
just as the Roman’s
did of old
so long ago

and old their Gods
depict to fear
tell stories of
as then and now
continuing to learn
to see the thunder
drawing near

draw near enough
though now
until we see
what is
beyond the fear
old Gods
and worms upon the sand
learn on
and understand

what is the place
the value each to all
know then one more
small teaching
writ long
awaits beneath our feet
to good end
we breathe


bridges to dream in light

away to while the hours high
mind hover with the gull
silent where the fishermen gaze
hear low the tide draw close

true does the dusk come round
hold frost the moon in grace
a peaceful hand extend
the healing of her ways

cross blue the midnights sea
fill outlines dark on dark
where shadow smiles her touch
and freckled dune be cast

this silvered fire does raise
a bridge from sand to pier
in filigree of footsteps trace
a song of moon-blessed air

that when the dawn return
all in peace be found
and man can walk above
to safely greet the day

Walk down to the smithy blind we’re breakin’ the chains of time

well hey I saw white butterflies fly
stood there followed them with my eyes
from the roots to the tall tree top

and this is what they taught
you can’t be naught but wrought
and happens from the root to the full tree top
from the root to the full tree top

and there beneath your feet
is sometime writ in blood
and it be so and it be on
until you choose to stop

well hey I saw white butterflies fly
watched ‘em dance to tree top high
I said you wann’ cut free this kerb
an’ paint them pictures bright

but no-one stop an’ no-one heard
they fight on by jus’ walk on by
an’ I knew the change was comin’ comin’
knew the change on signs

cos always butterflies dancin’ dancin’
but they jus’ fight on by
an’ the lady with her basket
she gone lift that lid up high

well hey I saw white butterflies fly
stood there followed them with my eyes
from the roots to the tall tree top

and this is what they taught
you can’t be naught but wrought
an’ that happen from the root to the full tree top
from the root to the full tree top

be no more blood on pavements
no more coutin’ the costs
no more walkin’ the hard way
for the smithy he’s firin’ the forge

and down the fire to the old ones
they’re meltin’ to flame-form coals
an’ ashes are spinnin’ up spirit swords
they’re shakin’ the winds reform

well hey I saw white butterflies fly
stood there followed them with my eyes
from the roots to the tall tree top

and this is what they taught
you can’t be naught but wrought
gonna happen from the root to the tall tree top
from the root to the tall tree top

hear that smithy breakin’ breakin’
breakin’ the chains of time
an’ they’re singin’ an they’re rhymin’
come spirallin’ up the skies

walk down to the smithy blind
that forge beneath your feet
and he gonna rattle them pavements wild
and give you back your sight

real neat

at heart’s raise live

times in hostiled worlds crowd in
until you bear no eye
walk hooded with your head bowed low
find words then writ in equal small
stand then the whispers rise
remember me for I am there
just raise your head
and I who comfort all
shall raise your heart again


what calls but the heart
what answers but heart
we are forever, you are because

lay me down by the fire
lay me down by the road
what have we to give but what comes from above

call me a treasure
call me a pest
be me two-leg or four you decide where I rest

out from the corners
of safety to harm
lay difference aside find the place of all calm

don’t expect fine words
from a language of dust
what we are in the end is love speaking to love

sky pavements

what lift can be, not man
to cross, these ways of slate
of she who nest and fly
and higher still, a light to turn the grey

then walk, this pave the sky, a rainbowed play
fractures out rough diamonds in its fall
none can object, triangular rain
to greet birdsong flows long

this street

this street
once winters washed,
sand-driven curls emptied in toast
to shops, who porched their warmth
in light, and lived through waiting eyes

‘til summer come,
and promise of these lives show true
petalled vital stride beside their days,
where young boys sing, and men, grown wise
to speak their heart through clarinet and soft guitar

in this street
shoes touch not dusted grey
but love poured forth in drawing
and in clay, what life is this each show
with every note and softest stroke of brush
we share we live we love
we smile
hearts grow

Heat magic

Summer flies
these ways in never knews yet open hands
greets to passing strangers
the spilling spilling
of this how inconsequentialled gold
sunlipped to long ago
once humans
she greets then bees
speaks in purple heat
what drips
it’s kind
in kind
we talk
these joys unseen

summer flies

we know this

dark moon grace


I am lost in this night of rains

even the moon hides her face

and we are meant to wish they say
on the coming days
but feel nothing but this rain
can ever be

from a broken window in the heart
I look then

and without seeking
even streetlights take bright wing

this dark moon
graces vast

found things

they say that angels leave messages
on pathways ‘fore our feet
words that they have heard us
heard the silence speak
from hearts that have no words to make
no ways to solve nor heal
accept these gentle signs
know that they are real
and in the nights and days to come
see each change unfold
from blackened greys of know not what
to the peace of light as told

These stairs

These stairs
the past in form
was it once what others called beautiful
in perfection
can you not see
this greater beauty now unfold
I love you more
in sea and wind-tossed batters
no longer stand apart so proud and clean
but each terrored edge so sharp aghast
now comforted by the enfolding accepting green
oh grateful years
each surface broken this depth within now seen

before the rain

before the rain washes you away
the words you wanted to say
this love laid upon the floor
in language chalked and grey
leapt in every colour to the heart
horizon wished-on star
all speak too much to not stand
in rain and listen