Maui In Maui | What’s Maui Hawaii Like In May | Facts & Events

Maui In May

Maui is one of those places on earth where you could always find something to do and something to see no matter what time of the year. So is May an excellent time to visit Maui? If you haven’t visited Maui in May and you are thinking of spending your springtime in this beautiful place, then you got to continue reading this.

Weather in Maui in May

Maui is one of the most diverse islands in Hawaii due to its coastal plains, interior valleys, mountains. It is full of microclimates which mean it can be dry and sunny in one place, but an hour drive away, and you’ll end up in a chilly and wet area.  The average rainfall of Kahului, where Maui’s main airport is located, is 0.74 inches and it tends to be a tad higher compared to other resort areas.

May is one other best times to visit Maui as the weather for this month is usually lovely. The average springtime temperature is in between low to mid 80’s F and could go down to 70s during nighttime. 

Springtime in Maui

If Maui is beautiful during summer and winter, then it is a lot prettier in spring! The beautiful blooming flowers are endless – roses, lilies, hydrangea, and even the flowering trees. The different display of colors produced by flowering trees is enough to fill your day. Maui locals love flowers, and it shows how they make flower necklaces and give them to their visitors as a way of welcoming them. In fact, they even have a “Lei Day Holiday”; and Maui’s particular flower and the color is Pink Lokelani flower, or the Maui rose.

Maui Events in May

Maui is a lively place rich in culture and tradition. All throughout the year, they always have to celebrate highlighting everything from art, to music, to foods. Below are the extraordinary events that you might enjoy when visiting Maui in May:

  1. Lei Day – 1st May

Lei Day is a fun and colorful occasion to celebrate Hawaiian culture or the Aloha spirit. Each island in Hawaii has a different type of lei and color to use for the celebration and for the people to wear. Lei is very special to Hawaiian as it represents the unspoken expression of Aloha and Maui’s Lei flower is Pink Lokelani. This festivity is celebrated every 1st of May featuring live performances and entertainment.

  1. Mother’s Day – 8th May

Well, wouldn’t it be exciting to spend Mother’s Day in a foreign place? Hawaii is all about family (Ohana) which makes the celebration of Mother’s Day on the island more special. Instead of buying your mom a bouquet of flowers, why not make it more personalized by stringing up lei for your mom to wear. You can complete your celebration with a delicious meal in one of the best local diners in Maui or family time at the beach.

  1. Maui Brewers Festival – 14th May

The Maui Brewers Festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) has become one of Maui’s top festivals. The festival features delicious food from local restaurants, beer tastings from different breweries, vibrant music, games, and many more. This is also a great time to bond with family and friends.

May is also one of the least tourist-packed months in Maui which is a great time to get the best deals for accommodations and tickets.

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